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Black Lives Matter Pin Donations

Black Lives Matter Pin Donations

The Black Lives Matter enamel pin was the second pin design I ever produced in 2016. I have always donated 100% of proceeds from sales of this pin.

In 2020 I received many requests to bring the pin back. My pin vendor, Custom Comet, is graciously making the pins at cost to maximize the donation further.  Donation amount per pin is approximately $6.50 (costs include pin, packaging, labor, etc).

I will update this page as donations are made. Any questions please feel free to contact me.


2016-2017: $1322.51 donation to Black Lives Matter

July 8, 2020: $578.50 donation to African American Alliance for Home Ownership

July 8, 2020: $578.50 donation to For the Gworls Black Transgender Community Collective

April 1, 2021: $250.00 donation to Leroy's Memorial Mural on Belmont

June 23, 2021: $250.00 donation to Black Reslience Fund (also included 19% Juneteenth donations)

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