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Zine: How to Love Me
Zine: How to Love Me
Zine: How to Love Me

Zine: How to Love Me

Most people know the feeling of longing for love or approval from another. We think, "If only this person praised or showed interest in me, then I could feel valuable."

What How to Love Me helps you remember is that you already are valuable. You already are valued. You already are loved, and you have instant and constant access to that feeling of being loved we all so fervently seek.

Your relationship with yourself is your only relationship. All other relationships reflect it. The checker at the market, other drivers in traffic, government officials, your parents and your crush are all behaving according to your vibrational energy. The people in your life can only ever act according to your expectations and the emotions that come along with those expectations.

When you choose to love yourself you are emitting a frequency of, "I am loved," whereas when you pine for the validation of another, you are emitting a frequency that says, "I am not loved. I don't have it and I need it." And whatever signal you emit is how the universe—including other people—reacts. When you feel that you are loved, you attract love. When you need love from another, you push it away.

This workbook contains 7 exercises that teach you the way to find everlasting and unconditional love: choosing it for yourself. 

5.5×8.5″, 20 pages

Created by School of Life Design.