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Clip-On Filter for Phone, Tablet & Laptop Cameras

Take dreamy photo & video content with this IRL filter. So fun! 
The prism refracts light, mirrors surroundings, and filters rainbow spectrums to create truly unique results.

Easy & Versatile

♥ Works on phone, tablet and laptop camera
(lens < 0.5in / 12mm)

♥ Suitable for front or back cameras

♥ Rubberized strong grip protects device

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size camera will this work on?

The Prism Vision filter is made for cameras on phones, tablets, and laptops.

The camera needs to fit within the 0.5inch (12mm) ring to view through the prism.

How do I take optimal photo and video?

We've found that the lens works well everywhere - day or night, indoors or outdoors. It's really versatile.

Light source direction and intensity greatly changes the effects. Shifting the angle of the photo catches the light in new ways.

The prism cube can unscrew from the clamp part. While taking video you can create a kaleidoscope effect by slowly rotating the cube.

What if my phone has multiple lenses?

If your phone's back camera has multiple lenses, you may want to play with different settings to get different results!

For example, on newer iPhones we found that putting the camera in Portrait mode and clipping the filter to the active lens gives the prism full effect.

However clipping the prism onto one of the lenses while the others are still "active" can still produce wonderful unique photos!

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